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supernatural season 9, feat. dean winchester’s face

Anonymous asked: Hello :) I was wondering, is it tumblr common courtesy to put a source with a gif that's not yours? For example, I don't make gifs, rather I don't know how, but I save them to my phone, then to my computer, so if I wanted to post something and add a gif, would I be wrong if I don't know the source of the gif or should I say "not my gif" or something? Thanks!! I love you and your blog!!!!

Hey.  Some people do put a source with a gif.  It depends on the situation I suppose.  If you are posting say just a personal text post and you added a gif, like a reaction gif, then people don’t tend to source those.  

If you post a gif (and tag it) with the intention of getting notes you can source that.  As far as I see it though, that is still a form of reposting someone else’s work even if you source the gif or not. 

I understand the reasoning behind sourcing the gif or saying not my gif, the intention is good but it’s still using something that someone else made. I guess it all depends on the type of post you want to make.

Thank you for your very kind words :)


I’m not a musician, so there’s not a whole lot of songs that I play, I just kinda play for myself, so that just happened to be one of the ones I do play.


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Jensen Ackles article in SFX Magazine (but first I’d like to thank one of my good friends Jo Wren for posting this, all credit goes to her)

Q: How does it feel to start year ten with Dean as a demon?

J: We’re still getting our bearings and trying to figure out where we’re going to go, but the whole demon Dean storyline is fun and new and interesting and different.

Q: What’s different about this Dean?

J: Everybody’s asked if this will be a darker Dean, but it’s actually the opposite. It’s a lighter Dean. It’s a Dean without having the weight of the world on his shoulders and trying to fight the good fight, protect his brother and do the right thing. This Dean doesn’t give a shit at all. He’s going to have a good time. He’s going to drink as much as he wants and get into fights and hook up with babes. It’s the life Dean wished he could live but he can’t because he’s the good guy.

Q: Would you say the episodes are more comedic in tone?

J: It’s not comedic. It’s a personal choice I made with the character. He’s not funny. He doesn’t care to the point that it’s kind of scary.He’s just flippant about everything even when he hears his brother might be in some serious trouble. He’s like “I don’t care” which to me is scarier than if he was like [growls]

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I’d love to be lucky enough to be in the photo op room at the same time, as I’m queuing for my photo, to see Jensen’s reaction. I bet he’ll love it :)


Memories, they seem to show up so quick but they leave you far too soon  - SN: SX
Kodaline - High Hopes

Anonymous asked: I LOVE YOU AND YOUR AMAZING BLOG TO THE MOON AND BACK! You're such a sweetheart!

Thank you anon, so much.  You are the sweetheart :)